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Local Executive Council Vote Unanimously To Run a “NO” Vote Campaign

Updated: May 19

Following the announcement of a tentative contract reached by the PSAC-UTE bargaining team, PSAC-UTE Toronto North conducted a survey of its membership from May 4-19 2023.

  • 74% of members said they were unsatisfied with the overall tentative agreement negotiated by PSAC-UTE.

  • 62 % of members said they would not vote in support of the tentative agreement negotiated by PSAC-UTE.

On May 19, 2023, the local executive council convened a meeting and voted unanimously to run a “NO” vote campaign against the ratification of the proposed tentative agreement.

"Our members have told us very clearly that this proposed deal isn't acceptable. We will respect their wishes and continue to fight for a deal that actually helps our members."

Nicholas Marcus Thompson - President, UTE Toronto North

I would want the Union to get back to the bargaining table again and secure the four important demands immediately. Member
This "tentative agreement" is a shockingly bad deal for the membership. Member
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