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Nicholas Marcus Thompson is an award-winning social justice advocate and labour union leader in Canada. Thompson is leading the Black Class Action lawsuit against the federal government for systemic discrimination against Blacks.


Thompson was first elected on March 18, 2018, as President of the Union of Taxation Employees Toronto North, representing employees at the Canada Revenue Agency. 


Thompson is also the Vice President of the Greater Toronto Area Council and the Co-Chair of the Racially Visible Committee at the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Toronto. In January 2020 Thompson was named Activist of the Year by the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Greater Toronto Area Council for his contribution to the labour movement. 


Thompson embarked on an ambitious plan to modernize and restructure the day to day operations of the Union. By developing a roadmap to digitize UTE unionism called Vision 2021, he created a more responsive and modern Union that is better able to adapt to rapid changes in the workplace while providing much more access to its membership.  These efforts resulted in workers having better access to the supports needed to advance their careers through enhanced job security, and the overall empowerment of Union members to foster a collective voice at work. 

Thompson briefly entered politics in 2019 as a candidate in the 2019 federal elections.