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Our Roots

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is one of Canada’s largest unions representing 17 components across Canada.  More commonly referred to as PSAC, our 200,000 members are employed with Federal and provincial departments, agencies, and the private sector.


Our component, the Union of Taxation Employees, is known as UTE.  We are currently PSAC’s largest component with more than 38,000 members in Revenue Collections, Client Services, Appeals, and some parts of Audit. We are Local 00048, representing over 1300 employees of the Canada Revenue Agency at the Toronto North Tax Services Office and the Business Enquiries Contact Center. 


We exist to maintain and advance the workplace rights of our members – a big task in today’s federal public service! It’s a job we take very seriously. Our Local strongly believes in fostering a constructive relationship with management, however, we’re aggressive in protecting our members’ interests – from the office floor to Parliament Hill. 


Making A Difference

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PSP/Starlight Campaign

 We are raising our voices to address the urgent matter of above guideline rent increases at 71, 75, and 79 Thorncliffe Park Drive in Toronto and to advocate for responsible investment practices as it relates to the investment of public sector pension funds. This issue has deeply affected many tenants who have been on a rent strike since May 1, 2023, to protest above guideline rent increases and those who work in the public sector whose pension funds are being used to push people out of their homes. 

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh

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