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Executive Council

The Executive Council is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Local, overseeing campaigns, mobilizing members, defending members and preserving the rights of the union and its members in the workplace. The Executive Council meets once a month or as required. All Executive Council members act as Stewards of the Local and can represent members in any workplace-related issues.  



Christopher Camacho-Castro

Interim Vice President (Contact Centre) and Treasurer


Sandra Douglas

Executive Secretary


Lazaros Gaitanis


Lazaros was elected as a Director of the Local on November 30, 2021. Prior to this role, Lazaros served the Local as a Steward and Director.


Tanya Pottinger


Tanya was elected as a Director of the Local on November 30, 2021. Prior to this role, Tanya served the Local as a Steward and Executive Secretary.  


Akhil Sukdeo


Akhil was appointed a Director in 2019 and was elected for another term as on November 30, 2021. 

About Us: TeamMember

Interim President

Michelle was elected as Vice President of Contact Centre operations on November 30, 2021, and was appointed as Interim President on March 27, 2024.  Michelle has an extensive background in law, having spent many years as a senior law clerk, and an academic background in criminology and psychology. 

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Sheila Reuben

Vice President (5001 Yonge Street)

Sheila was first acclaimed as Vice President (5001 Yonge Street) on March 18, 2018. She was acclaimed again as Vice President on November 30, 2021. Sheila has over 20 years of experience of being a Steward, Director, and Vice President of the Local. Sheila has the education, training, and knowledge in dealings with management and is a firm believer in resolving issues at the lowest possible level. 


If you want to become a Steward please apply here.


Liam Lumley-Pontone


Sasan Heidarzadeh

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