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Local Signs Union-Management Philosophy

On January 09, 2019 Local President Nicholas Thompson signed the Union Management Philosophy with the Director of the TSO Frank Pagnotta. This is a significant milestone in our relationship with management. The Philosophy highlights the importance that we place on a harmonious and transparent union-management relationship and the practical application of an informal conflict resolution approach.

The Union-Management Philosophy is based on:

▪equality of the parties within the consultative process;

▪mutual trust and respect;

▪a commitment to be constructive, fair, sensitive, and courteous in our dealings with each other;

▪facilitating constructive decision making and problem-solving at the lowest possible level; and

▪knowledge and mutual respect of legislation and national union-management policies and understanding of the functions and objectives of each party.

We will continue to find productive ways of working together to resolve matters at the lowest level.

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