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Y280 Performance Reviews

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Did you know that there shouldn't any surprises when you receive you performance review?

Here are some important things to remember. Performance management is an ongoing process which consists of three steps: planning – setting clear performance expectations, feedback – providing timely and specific feedback and assessing – assessing performance results based on facts.

Your immediate supervisor must do the following:

• Set expectations at the beginning of the year, for most members it's September 1 to August 31 performance cycle. • Conduct a mid-year review and bring any and all short-comings to your attention. • Give you the opportunity to correct any short-comings • Give you support to address those concerns. • Ensure that nothing in your performance review is a surprise to you.

If you've received your performance review and any of the above are missing and your review is below level 3 then please book an appointment with a union representative to discuss your case.

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